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About Us

B18 Pty Ltd is an innovative Territory Aboriginal organisation set up to create opportunities for young people from 14 to 18 years. We hold strong connections to our local communities and a careful understanding of the delicate environment where Aboriginal cultures and social responsibilities live.

Our B18 team possess the necessary skills and qualifications in: social work; brief counselling; law & justice; vocational training & assessment; construction; conservation & land management, & heritage protection to nurture growth in youth. Underpinning BI8’s mutual commitments are our creative approaches to restorative justice opportunities, that come as a response to the Territory’s youth justice system.

our vision

B18’s vision is to empower youth to engage in designing, their whole lives: for healthy, sustainable and confident futures before & beyond 18.

Our cultural blueprints for success!

BI8 delivers cultural authenticity by upholding values held in First Nation communities for youth and their families experience and opportunities that:

  • Expand knowledge,
  • Enlarge skillsets,
  • Models leadership; and
  • Facilitates constructive problem solving.

The program immerses young people between the ages of 14-17 into an ecological environment that embraces and immerses youth in cultural leadership training, speaking, listening, learning and guidance.  These together enhance

  • Resilience,
  • Security,
  • Wellbeing as mental, emotional & physical health,
  • Occupational skills & knowledge,
  • Self-esteem; and
  • Self-determination & personal growth.


Stage 1 of The Program is a 16 week program for 14-17 year old at-risk young people, catering for 8 -12 young people per camp. There will be one staff member for every four young people. 

The Northern Territory Government funded program will be delivered on freshwater and saltwater country in the Greater Darwin region, providing a safe and stable environment for young people to develop work skills and grow cultural and community connections. The program will be centred on cultural frameworks from the surrounding Traditional Owner Groups.




    Bush camping, hunting and survival techniques

    Cultural leadership training

    Environmental sustainability projects

    Student support and mentorship

    Personal reflection and development activities

    Real time, on the job work experience

    Follow through

    Program activities have been built around 4 central themes:  

    A HOLISTIC SERVICE CO-ORDINATION MODEL aimed at equipping the young people with the skills needed to deter them from reoffending.

    An UNDERSTANDING OF CONSEQUENCES, restitution and giving back to the community

    LIFE SKILLS AND CULTURAL CONNECTION which covers connection with community, culture and foundational skills for adulthood, food security, health, hygiene and accommodation options

    VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING leading to employment or further studies.

    14 + 13 =

    Aidan McGuinness

    Managing Director B18 Pty Ltd

    Location: 1/58 Marjorie St Pinelands, NT 0829

    Postal Address: PO Box 100 Berrimah, NT 0828

    Email: info@b18.com.au