wake up program

Stage 1 of The Program is a 16 week program for 14-17 year old at-risk young people, catering for 8 -12 young people per camp. There will be one staff member for every four young people. 

The Northern Territory Government funded program will be delivered on freshwater and saltwater country in the Greater Darwin region, providing a safe and stable environment for young people to develop work skills and grow cultural and community connections. The program will be centred on cultural frameworks from the surrounding Traditional Owner Groups.


BI8 Youth Training and Work Pathways Camp Program, (BI8 -Wake Up Program)

Accredited Training:

  • First Aid
  • White Card – Prepare to Work Safely in Construction Industry

Bush camping, hunting and survival techniques

Camps on Country create a safe space with/and exposure to elements, minimal modern resources, absence of electronic devices, exposure to Elder knowledge & cultural sharing, resilience targeting through complex problem solving, goal setting through healthy competitive challenges, conservation and environmental protection challenges, self-sustaining healing practices, hunting and sanitary preparation of wild meat, safe fire building and management.

Bush Camping: developing safe camping practices by; establishing shelter & camp area; monitoring water and use; establishing camp ablutions.

Hunting: risk management, bush medicines, orienteering, identify natural flora & fauna, catch, kill & prepare food safely.   Hunting also takes in opportunities for conservation, identifying feral pests and eradicating them humanely.

Survival techniques: orienteering; identifying bush medicines and purpose; locating landmarks; water sources; setting up temporary huts; making hunting equipment; developing tidal and freshwater fish traps; setting a safe fire; water management and location.

    Cultural leadership training


    Designating tasks; recognising and practicing cultural protocols such as: working cooperatively, completing tasks, sharing the goal and sharing the responsibility.  Risk management of team, tasks, equipment care while also developing protection skills by demonstrating care and respect for the ecology and the people with whom participants will camp, walk, hunt and share meals with. 


      Environmental sustainability projects


      Aside from Cert I in Conservation and Land Management our building projects draw on sustainable practices and materials where we can. This is particularly so when constructing shelters out on country using natural resources while meeting current building codes.  Managing introduced species while hunting for native game, our participants learn to dispose of feral animals, humanely and discretely.


      Student Support and Mentorship


      B18 offers student support and mentorship throughout the program and for 12 months following completion.


      Personal reflection and development activities

      Use of traditional methods of hunting native fauna and fishing enliven sustainable living practices yet builds on individual independence coupled with working in team. Participants learn about sustainability and caring for country with cultural activities that support Traditional Owners involvement of the local knowledge to the area and narrating the rules on country. These experiences support self- exploration and identity which further enhances a sense of self, confidence building and inter-personal skills.

      Real time, on the job work experience

      B18 offers a range of real time on the job work experience with placements across a range of NT owned businesses.

      Follow Through


      BI8 -Wake Up Program incorporates a 12 month Follow Through element that participants can volunteer to engage with. Our Mentors support youth in the Follow Through part of the program and in particular concern for the ongoing wellbeing and good health of Youth.  


      Follow Through advocates youth to transition back into school, traineeships, employment, or enrolment into further VET training or even in entering into apprenticeships.  It is not always guaranteed that employment comes straight away or that apprenticeships are available, yet with our advocacy and our strong business relationships and contacts, we can assist explore what is available across the Territory and in other States for the benefit of them.